Why Black federal public servants should self-identify

The Government of Canada is committed to employment equity. The Public Service aims to have a representative workforce with equitable participation by eliminating disadvantages in employment experienced by the designated groups – women, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities and persons in a visible minority group. Federal departments and agencies, along with bargaining agents, support the principles of employment equity.

The Federal Black Employee Caucus is working with the government to collect disaggregated data, this means breaking up the data so we can see what is happening to Black employees specifically. This data is essential for the government to be able to fulfill its employment equity commitment for Black employees.

However, the commitment can only be fully supported when we count ourselves in. That’s because, when we don’t self-identify, we are not included as a distinct group and we don’t get an accurate picture of what is happening to us.

Self-identify when you apply for jobs and when you fill out the 2019 Public Service Employment Survey which is launched in July 2019.

Stand up and be counted!