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Internal to government 

Federal public servants that wish to further their education for career development have options available for educational assistance from their department.

For financial assistance, the first option is using existing training funds that are allocated to you each fiscal year to pay tuition, textbook and other educational costs. While each federal employee has training funds, the amount differs by occupational group and department so you will have to check with your manager or human resources regarding this option.

Another option is to create a rationale for pursuing educational training and obtaining the necessary approvals for additional funds to cover these costs. Your department will have its own educational assistance guidelines that specify how this can be done. Some departments even have guidelines that encourage managers to cover 100% of educational costs, which can be used in your rationale.  

For educational leave guidelines, these can be found in your collective agreement. There may also be additional guidelines for your specific department. Typically, you must obtain the necessary approvals and you can receive paid leave. Up to 100% of your regular salary can be provided while you are on this type of leave. You can contact the human resources branch of your department or agency to learn more about what is available to you.

External to government 

  • I/O Advisory Services has put together some resources that are especially relevant to FBEC members, other racialized employees, and allies. Here’s a link to those articles.