Resources on anti-Black racism

This document provides a non-exhaustive inventory of anti-Black racism resources.  Bilingual resources are identified with an asterisk and we are also working to gather resources available in French.  We will continue to update the document as we learn of more resources.


Federal Black Employee Caucus Reports

Report of Second Annual Meeting (Feb 2020) – This report provides a summary of the discussions held during FBEC’s second annual general meeting, held at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa on February 24, 2020.

FBEC Progress Report – April 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
(January 2020)

FBEC’s Inaugural Symposium Report (Feb 2019) – Following our inaugural symposium in January 2019, a report outlining issues and proposed solutions was prepared and shared with members and senior bureaucrats.

Sharing of personal experiences (August 2018) – Personal experiences of discriminatory behaviour towards FBEC members were compiled and shared in this montage which was presented at our August 2018 meeting at the Ottawa Public Library.

Our FUBU moment (August 2018) – This article was written and circulated following our August 2018 interdepartmental meeting with members and the Parliamentary Black Caucus.

Other Reports

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